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Get fired up about your social media profiles with next-generation social media management from THE social media marketing agency.

Establish your brand
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Let’s Get Social

Our team will work with you to establish your brand on social media with research based strategies and thumb-stopping social media content that will keep your brand on trend.

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Countdown to Social Media Success

Our team is fully committed to ensuring your success, starting with an initial kickoff call and continuing through the launch of your first social media posts.

We provide weekly/bi-weekly reporting calls and regular check-ins to keep you informed and on track.

We take responsibility for the outcome of our clients and you can expect a steady flow of positive results.

Our Process
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Everything is Data-Driven

We rely on data-driven social media strategies to inform every decision.

We leave testing and experimentation to our research teams, ensuring that every move is calculated and sound.

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We Work With You and For You

At Sociallyin, we put client goals first and foremost. We partner with you to develop content that reflects your brand identity, message and values. Our team of writers, editors, strategists and producers work together to create powerful and engaging content.

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Clear and Concise Reporting

We believe in full transparency and understand the importance of keeping you informed on the progress of your campaign, that’s why we provide you with easy access to reporting dashboards and sheets so you can track it in real-time, this way you’ll never have to wonder how your campaign is doing.

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The Importance of Social Media Management

More than half of consumers* turn to social media to learn about new brands, making social media management an essential component of

At Sociallyin, we view social media management as the backbone of our approach, with data that supports our strategy.

That’s why we strive for excellence in every aspect of our clients’ campaigns.

*Sprout Social 2021

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Five Elements of Successful Social Media Management

  • Creating a tailored, results-oriented strategy
  • Regularly distributing scroll-stopping content across social platforms
  • Monitoring conversations around the brand on social media
  • Engaging with the brand’s community on social media
  • Monitoring performance before, during and post-campaign

Achieve Success Across All Social Media Platforms

Our team is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to provide your brand with the creative solutions it needs to succeed across all social platforms.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with each platform and we tailor our approach to make the most of them, ensuring that your brand reaches its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sociallyin has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for both small and large brands, such as Carnival Cruise Line, Samsung Electronics America, and ANGOSTURA® bitters. We are here to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about social media management, and provide you with the inside scoop on how we can help your brand achieve its goals.

Social media management encompasses the planning, scheduling, publishing, tracking, and analyzing of high-quality content on social media platforms, to increase brand awareness, engagement, clicks, and conversions.

Professional social media management services create content that is tailored to target audiences, and distributed strategically across platforms to achieve higher levels of visibility.

Our social media management provides a full service option that allows our team to do it all and the option to specialize and focus on a specific component.

Social media management includes daily account management, managing your social community, content production, paid social management, social listening, influencer marketing management, ongoing strategy development, and data analysis/reporting.

We provide services for all of the major social media platforms and emerging ones. We like consider ourselves as your one stop shop for social!

Here are the core platforms we provide services:

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, Google, Spotify, Reddit, Quora, and more!

Our social media managers are specialists who are trained to focus on the platforms that best meet your business goals.

Yes! We believe maintaining a positive online presence and building relationships with your customers happens through effective online engagement.

Our team of community managers are trained to not only respond to all inbound messages but also provide outbound engagement opportunities.

We can help you with general monitoring and listening to providing your brand a personality online.

With the help of our in-house production studio, Sociallyin Studios, we specialize in creating high-quality, engaging, and on-brand social media content to help you achieve your goals.

Having our own in-house production studio allows us to create custom content tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals, while also allowing us to be efficient and collaborative in our content creation process.

Our team is working alongside of you to develop concrete quarterly goals.

During our partnership, we will be measuring our progress on a monthly basis to ensure we are on pace to reach our goals.

Social media is also changing very quickly all the time and we believe our plan needs to evolve with it. So while our KPIs may stay the same, our team is always thinking of what your brand and business should be doing.

Yes, creating a content approval process is all about reducing the time, effort and energy involved in getting your social media content approved.

We have a streamlined approval process that can allow us to publish content to your social media accounts with multiple stakeholders involved and can even eliminate invovlement and take it completely off of your shoulders.

By selecting the right channels and crafting ‘thumb-stopping content’, the team at Sociallyin can help you boost engagement with content that resonates.

Our strategy is tailor-made for you, so we can track performance in real time and make necessary adjustments when needed.

Sociallyin leads with innovation and provides creative solutions to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Yes! Sociallyin offers influencer marketing as an additional service.

We have an entire team that specializes in managing influencers and can create a tailored strategy to help you reach your goals.

Our team will work closely with you to identify the best influencers for your brand, curate campaigns that fit their audience, negotiate terms and manage the entire process from start to finish.

We also provide detailed reports on performance. so you can make informed decisions about future collaborations.

What Are You Waiting For?

With the expertise and cutting-edge strategies of the social media experts at Sociallyin, the opportunity to enhance your social media presence, increase revenue, and drive growth is finally within your grasp.

Don’t wait! Schedule a meeting with our sales team and let’s knock your social media goals out of the park!