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Our Story

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Our Story

We partner with global brands to deliver social media content efficiently and effectively, reaching a wide audience. Our four offices located throughout the United States showcase our efficient operations.

Expansion has always been at the core of our journey. By connecting with more people, both online and in person, we can continue to grow and create new opportunities. We are eager to learn about your story and assist you in sharing it with your audience.

Why Choose Us


Dedicated Social Studios

Our studio space produces all kinds of social media content, tailored for your intended audience. We specialize in creating videos, photos, text, and the intersections of these mediums.


The Social Media Agency

We’re one of the few advertising/marketing agencies focused solely on social media. All of us are digital natives with decades of life lived online, ready to help you leverage the power of the biggest network ever built.


World-class Clients

Our work rises to the level of our clients. We create social media content for globally recognized brands, those with names carrying years and years of consumer recognition.


Results Driven

Focused social media campaigns require studying the results. Strategies developed specifically for your audience will return highly specific results we utilize to refine the process. Everything we do is built on results.



Each person working here has a unique perspective and that’s by design. Different ideas always bring new possibilities and one of our main goals is to constantly bring on diverse personalities. It’s how we stay connected to the entire world.

Social Natives

We’re diverse social media experts that have been using social platforms our whole lives. We are, very literally, all over the world. We love talking, doesn’t matter if it’s face-to-face or through a screen, we’re going to bring the energy. Social media pours out of us no matter what we do. We talk, type, sing, dance, and turn fun into work and work into fun. We live for this.

Who We Are

We prioritize connection through all social media platforms as well as within our team. We cultivate diverse perspectives, unique marketing campaigns built on expert strategies, and strive to always empower everyone we work with.

Since we’re one of the few dedicated social media agencies we can approach your brand from angles a lot of other agencies can’t. No matter what you do, social media can help you reach your audience. We’re the team to make that happen.

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What We Do

Social Media Strategy

Determine what you should say, when you should say it, and to whom.

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Social Media Management

Schedule and publish content across the most successful social platforms for your organization.

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Community Management & Listening

Engage with the audience that is eager to be heard and wants to interact with your brand.


Leverage the popularity of individuals with influence to showcase your brand.

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Social Selling

Personably engage and chat with people looking for exactly what you offer, always conversationally, never pushy.

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Data analysis & 
ROI modeling

Look at the numbers and figure out what they mean and how they can help grow your brand.

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Paid Social Advertising

Ensure that ads are placed strategically and at the right times to effectively communicate with your audience.

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Video, images, words, and more. Have an idea? We can turn it into reality.

Minority owned business certification by MBE & Clutch

Minority Owned Business

We’re a minority-owned company from day one! Alongside that, our hiring process is diversity-focused. We make a conscious decision to hire people from all backgrounds, all around the world. This is an organization where our colleagues – no matter their backgrounds – can find growth and belonging. 

In all aspects of our work, including hiring, communication, and business development, we uphold the belief that diverse perspectives lead to the best results.

Look How Far We’ve Come

Year 1

Sociallyin was conceptualized at Mississippi State University as a student startup business. Our team of highly-driven students were consulted by the MSU Entrepreneurship Center advisors on how to make our vision come to life.

Man holding plaque that reads "Student Startup Company of the Year" at Mississippi State University

Year 3

The very first Sociallyin office opened in Mississippi. We immediately grew the team thanks to the hard work of our entire company – which was only four people. Success brought even more expansion though, so we launched brand-new social media services and hired our fifth employee!

Sociallyin digital marketing old logo hanging in front of an office

Year 5

In year 5 we began working with our first Fortune 500 client, a great sign of the things to come! Only 2 years after opening our doors, we added 35 employees, began winning industry awards, and launched our expert Social Selling Division. Our expert Social Selling Division launched and we won a Top Social Media Marketing Agency award.

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Year 7

By year 7 we made the move to Birmingham, AL and were recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the state! We also began working with our first international clients. Sociallyin is going global!

SociallyIn team together with happy faces

Year 9

Coming up on a decade, we opened the Atlanta headquarters of Sociallyin, launched our Social Selling product, and became a global company by hiring diverse voices from around the world.

SociallyIn team celebrating together

Year 11

After being recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies, we expanded to the west coast and opened our Los Angeles location! Expanded further by opening a Sociallyin office in Los Angeles. We also debuted our SEO division and opened Sociallyin Studios!

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Come Work With Us

Collaborating can bring a fresh perspective, expertise in the latest marketing strategies, and efficient execution to your marketing efforts, ultimately helping your business reach its goals and succeed in the digital world. Come join us!

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